Travel Mart in Kitsuki city

Three members of Beppu Friendly Guide Club (BFGC) joined the Travel Mart held in Kitsuki city on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Twenty-eight delegates from thirteen countries and some twenty people from local merchants and the tourism related personparticipated in the meeting.
                                                         Tea Ceremony
                                                       Lunch at Wakaeya
                                                    Business card exchange
                                               Presentation by local business
                                                  Matcha Tea with sweet
                                                         Group photo (1)
                                                       Group photo (2)

Our members helped Kitsuki city staff guide overseas delegates in an old castle town tour including Ohara-tei samurai house, Nohmi-tei samurai house where all the participants experienced Japanese traditional tea ceremony, Waraku-an and so on.

After taking lunch at Wakaeya restaurant, the local participants made presentation to overseas delegates and exchanged business cards with them.